Monday, May 08, 2006

Mine is blocking

Sorry for the lack of photo. I am still technologically challenged on that front. Maybe Lou will post one when he receives my square.

I decided to use some handspun that was masquerading as a decorative accent in my living room (I had the skeins piled in a nice ceramic bowl on a bookshelf). And my dislike of swatching suggested starting in the centre and knitting outwards. I started with turquoise spun from some Persimmon Tree roving (50/50 mohair/wool) I bought at Rhinebeck last year. It is just plain stockingnette with eylets at the corners though I threw in a couple of purl rounds for interest.

And then I recalled that my daughter had knit a doll scarf using samples of this and some orange Blue Faced Leicester purchased at the same time. I had experimented with different ways of dividing up the fibre for spinning and had a couple of small skeins that was just orange (with none of the brown). They were a bit finer so I plied the 2 together and that worked very well. I did a 4 round stripe of the orange and then finished off with the turquoise.

Despite the fact that I took it off the needles and steam blocked it part way through, after washing it could have pulled out a lot bigger. I've pinned it out to 10" but Lou, if you think it is a bit too big, feel free to undo the crochet cast off and take a row or two off it.

As soon as it is dry, I'll put it in the mail. I am so glad to see that others are using blues, greens and purples in their squares. And I hope this blanket provides comfort for Melissa at this difficult time.


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