Friday, May 05, 2006

My plans

I hunted around online last night for a lace heart motif and finally found one in a knitty supplement. Have been swatching it up this evening in both stockinette and garter and I've decided to go with the garter in baby alpaca DK, since I have a lot of it. It's going to be in a baby blue (Tarheel blue, if you're from the Carolinas)because I always find it to be a soothing color. No pictures just yet, as my camera batteries are recharging.

Thanks to Brenda, I've been thinking a lot about Melpomene as I've been planning this out. Today was a beautiful spring day - warm and sunny with an ocean breeze - and I had to hope that just across the river Melissa was feeling that warmth in the midst of her sorrow. I'm sure that all of us will putting a bit of Melpomene's song into our squares.


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